LSE Law School has a diverse and vibrant events programme. Convene and Social events provide our students opportunities for learning, enrichment and community building beyond the lecture theatre, our Research events focus on exchange of cutting-edge ideas, and we warmly welcome everyone with an interest in law to our Public Events.
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Searching for What (All) Common Law Jurisdictions Have in Common

PAR 1.02 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London

What would a truly global picture of the common law look like? Once we move beyond just the most familiar jurisdictions, and adopt a comparative approach that tries to take in all common law jurisdictions found around the world, what sorts of features will emerge as genuinely shared and significant, and which are more likely to fall away? 

Wartime for the planet

CKK 5.17 Cheng Kin Ku Building, 54 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LSE, London
Speaker: Professor Duncan Kelly (Cambridge)

The Legal & Political Theory Forum provides an umbrella for seminars and colloquia on topics of common interest to scholars and graduate students working in various disciplinary areas, but particularly in the fields of politics and law.

The regulation of Financial Market Infrastructure in the fintech era

The Box 5th Floor of Pethick Lawrence House

We are delighted to be discussing the future of FMI regulation in light of recent developments in crypto-asset infrastructure with keynote speaker, CFTC Commissioner Kristin N. Johnson, and a distinguished panel: Maggie Sklar and Dr David Murphy, chaired by Professor Jo Braithwaite.

Working inside the EU legal system: A view from the European Commission

Student Common Room, 5th floor Cheng Kin Ku Building

Prior to her recent retirement, Karen Banks was one of the most senior officials in the European Commission, serving as Deputy Director-General of the Commission Legal Service. In this special seminar, she will share her experience of working at the Commission and tell students about the different career opportunities that are available in EU law. 

Convene events are organised for members of the LSE community.

Conference: Empirical legal studies in EU law: Foundations, methods, themes

MAR 1.08 Marshall Building, London

This conference will discuss the objectives, potential, and future of empirical legal research in the EU. It is organised by Dr Jan Zglinski in co-operation with Prof Urška Šadl and Prof Daniel Naurin. The conference will feature 30 leading legal and political science scholars working in the field of empirical legal studies. Everybody is invited to attend, including students and non-LSE researchers.

Smarter and fairer? The future of digital justice in China

MAR 1.09 Marshall Building, 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields, LSE, London

China has played a leading-role in integrating emerging technology in the courtroom. This achievement is attributed to China’s technology power, its inherent needs to improve efficiency, and the centralised, top-down reform model. Building smart court is not a standing alone movement in China but part of the judicial reform process to ensure the court to

Force of Wall: The Crimes of Justice in Law and Art

Moot Court Room 7th Floor, Cheng Kin Ku Building, LSE, London

Rafael Cauduro, the greatest muralist since Diego Rivera, died in December 2022. The Crimes of Justice,situated in the Supreme Court of Mexico, speaks to the old problem of the relationship between art, politics and the State

Financial Law and Regulation Conference

Shaw Library 6th floor, Old Building, Houghton Street, LSE

The aim of the conference is to discuss current academic and policy questions in financial law and regulation. Speakers presenting papers and discussants will be invited to analyse both private as well as public law aspects as, in this field, these are frequently intertwined

Convene events are organised for members of the LSE community.

Ten Years of Twin Peaks: Successes, Failures and Future Challenges

Auditorium, LSE Centre Building

The UK supervisory system of separate prudential (PRA) and conduct (FCA) regulation has been in place since 2013. In this public lecture, Charles Randell, who was a member of the Prudential Regulation Authority and subsequently chaired the Financial Conduct Authority, will discuss some of the successes of this system, some of its failures and the biggest challenges which lie ahead.

Revolutionary International Law in Revolutionary Times

The Box 5th Floor of Pethick Lawrence House

What constitutes a revolutionary tradition in international law? How might that, or those, traditions respond to these revolutionary times? In what respects are international law and especially familiar critical programmes in the field (NAIL, TWAIL, Marxist International law) “revolutionary”? What is, or might be, the organisational form of a revolutionary movement? Do revolutions have their own laws? Is one of the laws of revolution that they must be law-destroying?

European chronotopes

Moot Court Room 7th Floor, Cheng Kin Ku Building, LSE, London

We are hosting a small workshop on ‘European Legal Chronotopes’ at the Law School next week, to discuss some of the temporal and spatial frames found in different areas of law in Europe.

Convene events are organised for members of the LSE community.